The fate of the evil

Keep off evil people.



11/20/20233 min read

Praise God. As the servant of the most high good, I have a trifold mandate. One is to pray and heal the sick. Two, to drive out demons and number three, to preach the life-saving, life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today we speak about the destiny of the evil people.And what the word clearly says, "all have seen in the fallen short of the glory of God", all of us. However, there are people who live in perpetual, intentional sin, meaning they're not saved by grace. I'll tell you this for free. You cannot just confess Jesus with your mouth and then continue living a worldly life expecting to inherit the Kingdom of God.

As the Lord implies in His word, He shows it very clearly, you are saved by grace, but you're judged by your deeds. This means that if you want to know if you are saved by grace, you should look at your works. Your works prove or disprove the fact that you're saved by grace or not. It's a little confusing and if you need further information just contact me.

So the destiny of the evil, we read from the book of Romans chapter 3 and verse 16, which says, "destruction and misery are in their ways", Hallelujah. So this word is talking about how everyone has done evil. This is specifically talking about people who have rejected the ways of the Lord. This was destruction in its original language, which in this context it's Greek is syntrimma, which means concussion or utter fracture. Something that breaks, completely breaks and misery is original language that is talaipōria, which is wretchedness or calamity.

The Lord has sent me to tell you, stop walking with people who practice evil with reckless abandon. People who are just evil, they've rejected the ways of God. They are sold out to the things of the world and therefore sold out to the works of the devil and the evil world system and the devil's kingdom because their destiny is destruction and misery. Some people don't listen, they just go ahead and stay in their paths, wishing and saying that I know how I should behave so I wouldn't be like them, but I tell you, it's very true what they say. Show me five thieves and you're the sixth one, if you are amongst them. Show me three people who love the Lord. If you hang out with them, chances, very high chances you'll be the fourth one. So watch the company you keep.

And the other point is this, some people go ahead and even have relationships with them, they get married. I tell you, you don't want to be with people who are destined for destruction or calamity. Yes, maybe before you knew the Lord you are with people who practice evil, but now you've come to know the Lord. Pray for them, God may work miracles and bring them to the fold based on you being His child and your behavior and your prayers may go to God and they'll be saved. But just going ahead and staying in the path of destruction and misery, you're in a bad spot. It's like knowing there's a tornado or a big storm and you just go and sit in the middle of it. You'll be ruined along with it or suffer unnecessarily as a result of that. And you know how I know that their destiny is destruction and ruin.

Micah 2.3 says, Therefore thus says the LORD: “Behold, against this family I am devising disaster, From which you cannot remove your necks; Nor shall you walk haughtily, For this is an evil time.hallelujah. It's not that it's God's wish, but you reap what you sow. God is governed by His own laws, which He doesn't break. It's the Lord God Almighty. So if you walk in the paths of people who practice evil, then you're bound to be in trouble. May the Lord help us to discern who we should be around with and walk in His ways over the days of his life. God bless.